Whether it’s commercial, personal, life or health we’ve partnered with the top carriers across the board. Below are some of our top areas of expertise explained in brief detail.

Life Insurance

Business Life Insurance Products: Key Employee Insurance, Deferred Compensation, Buy-Sell Agreement, Entity Plan, Cross-Purchase Plan.

Personal Life Insurance Products:


Agribusiness & food

Operating in the agribusiness and food industries can present countless problems beyond your control that can affect whether your year is successful or not. In agribusiness, weather related issues, such as high winds and early frosts generally don't pose problems for traditional businesses; but for food growers, it can go far beyond profitability, and sometimes even force a company into bankruptcy. For food processors, contamination and product recall issues, both liabilities which are assumed in supply contracts when signed by processors, can create a whole different set of problems not seen in other industries. Securing insurance is not always the preferred method in which to deal with every exposure, but you at least owe it to yourself to know what is and what is not covered under your insurance contracts.

Due to the unique exposure characteristics in these industries, crafting a comprehensive risk program can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned insurance professional. Since securing the correct protection is more than just taking a policy off the shelf, your risk partner needs to understand your industry's inherent hazards along with the regulatory and HAACP compliance requirements.


hospitality & franchise

For over 30 years, our owners have developed and serviced sponsored insurance program for franchises, associations and other affinity groups. By combining homogeneous businesses with similar risk characteristics, spread across different geographic locations, coverage terms and pricing are more favorable for those units than otherwise would have been available to individual locations/companies.

The hospitality industry is a complex business environment with a variety of unique risks. Not only are the obvious concerns like the safety and health of your staff and guests critical, but also malfunctioning equipment that can be the root of a large expenditure, or the theft or damage of property and furnishings are also important factors to consider when structuring your risk program.


Within an industry that is ever-changing and extremely competitive with high public visibility, technology companies must constantly innovate to just stay abreast of their competition. The swift introduction of cutting-edge products and shortened life cycles is constantly presenting companies with new problems daily, and often without prior warning, which is due to the dynamics of the industry.

Over the last 20 plus years we have partnered with companies in telecom, software development, hardware manufacturing, systems integration and internet operations. Due to the need for heightened security in protecting confidential information that many companies possess, it is more critical than ever that company's products and services do not expose their customers, or themselves, to loss of their sensitive information. Because of this, safeguarding information of others along with a company’s own intellectual property can be as important as protecting the physical side of the business assets.

Due to our years of experience in working with technology companies, and working only with established insurance carriers well versed in your field, we have the ability to thoroughly analyze each client and develop a comprehensive tailored risk program for the following specialty industry coverages:

  • Errors and Omissions

  • Internet Liability

  • Product Liability

  • Intellectual Property Infringement Liability

  • Privacy Violation Lost Data



While construction industry insurance policies are similar to those found in the manufacturing, service and other industries; the construction industry is unique, in that certificates of insurance or other documents are often needed quickly to get or keep your workers on a job. It is critical for your broker partner to be responsive in this area and has the expertise to get it done now, instead of tomorrow afternoon. Also, you need to be with a broker that doesn’t have too many clients they can adequately service, losing you in the stack, whenever you need a “rush” cert.

As a young man, Jess Alonso spent his summers and school breaks working as a laborer on commercial construction projects in western Pennsylvania, where, during his college years, he held a union card in the bricklayer’s union. His father was a masonry contractor and taught Jess the true meaning of hard work at a very early age. For the first 20 years in the insurance business, Jess and his teams provided many GC’s and artisan contractors with the full complement of insurance and bonds for large construction projects throughout north Texas.

For companies seeking a partner with minority certification, ABIG is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise, (MBE), and as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, (DBE), by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency.. And with the Leavitt Group affiliation, ABIG has most, if not all, insurance and bond companies available that provide insurance and bonds to the construction industry.

Our goal is not to be the broker for the most companies in the construction space as possible, but to partner with a smaller number of select companies that are either leaders in their field or plan to be there in the foreseeable future, providing them with “Best in Class” service.





Personal Lines


Energy, fossil & alternative

Over the last thirty years we have partnered with numerous companies involved in oil and gas production. While we can access virtually all of the major carriers, including all of the Lloyds of London syndicates, where we have many long-standing partnerships, we also have an experienced oil & gas team available to assist in the areas of program construction, market placement, loss control engineering advocacy and claims advocacy.

While all insurance underwriters have loss control engineers and claims personnel, to be certain their interests are protected; we have an experienced team to work for our clients, on their behalf, to be certain their interests are protected as well.

While fossil fuel production is continuing to gain interest in today’s times, environmental concerns have increased the number of companies making their mark in the renewable/alternative energy fields of solar, wind and bio-diesel and ethanol production.

Within these new fields, underwriters are seeing entirely new types of claims. Wind turbines are frequently damaged by lightning, while hail storms can severely damage solar energy facilities, costing millions in claims. And, it’s not an uncommon occurrence to see dryer fires in ethanol plants, something not seen before in any other industries.

With the high cost of new present day equipment, a wind turbine can cost more than one million dollars to construct, and owners need to be certain that all repairs are covered if the shaft in the turbine breaks and damages the gears in the generator. If an ethanol plant operator fails to open a valve and a tank implodes, the insurance coverage needs to be written to be certain that not only the tank will be repaired, but also to assure the lost income will be replaced until the plant gets back on line.