Real Estate & Property Management

As a building owner or property portfolio manager, you face a myriad of problems others only read about or hear on the news. With our many years of experience in partnering with companies in your industry, we have the skills to successfully satisfy the most demanding of clients.


Whether you manage strip malls, office buildings, apartment complexes or condominium projects, Alonso & Berrian Insurance Group can provide the most comprehensive and tailored risk solutions for your company... all while helping with the management of those risks at the lowest possible outlay of premiums. And with our long-standing partnerships with the carriers, we have the bandwidth to access all of the major insurers offering programs in your space.

We also address much more than just the bricks and mortar, by having spent many years in assisting our clients manage high catastrophe exposures and providing claims advocacy for windstorms, floods, earthquakes and other disasters that could potentially cause significant damage to your physical property and business interruption losses.