At ABIG, we have many years of experience in working with large complex property programs with unique exposures. Whether it's a coastal property with hurricane exposure, hail exposure in the central plains, flood exposure on the coast or in a low lying area, or earthquake exposure in an earthquake prone area; we have dealt with these situations in the past and have a solution to meet most every need. Also, we have the expertise to utilize the the available public faciilities, such as the various state wind pools, the national flood program or a seldom used earthquake market unknown to most other brokers.

In the absence of adverse claims, buyers have seen little or no rate increases the last few years, other than in the property area. While there have been several factors driving the current soft market, no factor has had more of an influence on it than the excess capital currently in the insurance industry. While overall rates for commercial lines of coverage have been relatively stable for the last few years, many buyers with no property claims have been faced with, and will continue to see, moderate to high property rate increases for the foreseeable future.

This movement can be attributed to a disproportionate amount of claims in the overall insurance industry caused by natural disasters, when compared to the expected and historical losses for this line of coverage. For those companies facing increased rates, that have large complex property exposures, there are several techniques available in which to minimize, or even reduce property rates and deductibles, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of a current risk program.

This can be accomplished , because at ABIG, we tailor risk programs to meet the needs and characteristics of each of our clients' unique operations, after conducting a comprehensive audit. Some brokers carry on the traditional blunder of securing quotes for their clients for each renewal based upon the way coverages have been written on past policies. If you are seeking a broker that has specialization, facilities and ancillary resources to perform all of the needed due diligence you expect and require in a broker, then look no further than ABIG.

As detailed in "Our Risk Process", we will take the time necessary to learn your operation from start to finish, and then develop and implement a sound program addressing your individual requirements.