Private Equity

During the last 25 years we have partnered with private equity firms in providing cost effective, relevant solutions to insurance and risk management programs. We fully understand that expense savings contributes to the growth of EBITDA, which is the key goal for all investments firms. We also provide due diligence for pre and post acquisitions, in addition to providing placement of traditional and non-traditional programs, which requires out of the box thinking in order to achieve the results our clients are seeking.

"Our Risk Process", detailed elsewhere on this site, describes the steps we take to ensure that we solve any tough or unexpected challenges that arise during an M&A transaction. Since insurance is not always the best technique available for dealing with risk financing issues, we examine every possible alternative before advising our clients to choose to purchase insurance.

We are well known for being able to aggressively and effectively negotiate on behalf of our clients, with their best interest always kept at the forefront of our work. With our in depth knowledge of insurance products and the overall insurance market, it allows us to provide our clients with a consistent cost effective product that will respond in the future as expected.