Hospitality & Franchise


For over 30 years, our owners have developed and serviced sponsored insurance program for franchises, associations and other affinity groups.

By combining homogeneous businesses with similar risk characteristics, spread across different geographic locations, coverage terms and pricing are more favorable for those units than otherwise would have been available to individual locations/companies.

Our team has an extensive background in the following hospitality related industries:

  • Restaurants

  • Resort Properties

  • Country Clubs

  • Hotels / Motels

  • Bars / Pubs

  • Yacht Clubs

  • Trade Associations

The hospitality industry is a complex business environment with a variety of unique risks. Not only are the obvious concerns like the safety and health of your staff and guests critical, but also malfunctioning equipment that can be the root of a large expenditure, or the theft or damage of property and furnishings are also important factors to consider when structuring your risk program.