Our Fiduciary Statement

Our commitment for service after the sale is the hallmark of our existence, since our true value is often realized when we are needed for help in the settlement of a difficult claim or other sensitive situation.

What makes a great broker?

ABIG’s key to success is that they are student of policy construction and interpretation, using knowledge to provide advocacy for their clients across all areas. Supplementing the technical side of their work, and of equal importance, is the establishment of long-lasting partnerships with our underwriters, since their support for an improved resolution is vital when our client maybe facing challenges.

Alonso & Berrian possess strong interpersonal and communication skills combined with bold ideas that stretch the boundaries of what is possible and needed in today’s real time market to achieve superior outcomes for clients. Without this form of client advocacy, it makes negotiating the best deal possible for the client, challenging to achieve.

The key differentiator that enables ABIG to obtain the results that our clients expect lies in our risk process, a proven repeatable process.

In today’s market, many brokers can deliver a competitively priced product, but few have the skill-set and manuscript wording expertise, to assure policy terms and conditions are more favorable for their client than a canned policy taken off the shelf.