The process

How we do, what we do



Step One

Risk Management Audit

During this initial phase, your input is critical. What is your appetite for risk? Before designing a program structure that would best meet your needs, we will need your input pertinent to what you believe it of importance. We will then learn a variety of factors such as: What risks are you willing to assume, and to what degree, what risks can be contractually transferred to others, what risks can be avoided, and lastly what needs to be insured and at what levels.

Too often, we see insurance programs that are taken off the shelf without regard to determining what is best for your specific situation. With competitive pricing at the forefront, our process is to tailor a comprehensive program that meets your specific needs… nothing more, nothing less.

Whether commercial or personal an audit to completed by a safety, claims and policy review specific to YOU through: contract reviews, policy reviews, experience modification review, facility tour, key employee reviews, current and past safety reviews, employment practices reviews, and disaster planning reviews.

Step Two

Developing a plan of action

After determining a thorough understanding of your situation and the risk issues facing it, we are then armed with the tools needed to recommend solutions. The plan developed will minimize risk and reduce your overall costs; both through lower insurance costs and indirect costs that, up to this point, had not previously been identified to you. This “blueprint” becomes our template for action to improve you risk profile and associated costs.

Step Three

implementation of your program

Once the action plan components are determined, we will mutually agree on a service schedule for the program year. The service schedule is an annual timeline of activities to be implemented during the policy year which will meet your specific service needs.

Step Four

Monitoring your program

Our risk management audit, plan of action and program implementation allow your organization to become involved in the process from its inception through execution. In order for us to have a mutually beneficial partnership, it is essential to have open communications going both ways. As we all known a well through out plan is destined for failure without ongoing input and communication from all parties. To further substantiate this, we will schedule periodic meetings during the course of the year to assure we are meeting out mutually agreed service expectations, supplemented by a stewardship meeting approximately 120 days prior to renewal, which will serve as a gauge of how we have done with our commitments and progress during the year.




“While I was Chief Financial Officer for Igloo Products of Houston, Texas, I was introduced to Jess Alonso and his team by the CFO of Doskocil Manufacturing, also owned by the same private equity group as Igloo. Jess came highly recommended by Doskocil, where he served for 14 years as their broker.

Since we were concerned that we were being overcharged by the national broker that was servicing our account at that time, we asked Jess and his team to review our program. After a basic review, Jess’ conservative estimate was that we should save approximately $500,000 on the renewal. After his work was concluded, we ultimately realized in excess of a $900,000 annual premium reduction, with coverage improvements from the expiring program.

While saving dollars is of the utmost importance to the C suite, quality service is of equal importance. Jess and his team were always proactive, responsive and ready to assist whenever needed, even with us being located in Houston while he and his team were in Dallas. I would highly recommend Jess and his team of professionals to any company seriously contemplating a change in brokers, as his hard work ethics, professionalism and integrity are second to none.”
— Dan E. Malone, Executive Vice President of Alamo Group, Inc.

“As Petmate’s Chief Financial Officer, I faced challenging insurance-related legal issues. Jess and his team provided exceptional support to assist my understanding of the issues and helped to formulate an effective strategy to mitigate risks. Jess focused on our needs and responded by providing a cost competitive program. His professionalism and integrity are unquestionable.”
— Gary Kohlschmidt, Chief Financial Officer IDC Westinghouse

“I was introduced to Jess by a colleague, when I was CFO at Thomas Group, and quickly realized his expertise and character, when he displaced our broker of 17 years to become a trusted advisor. I would highly recommend Jess to anyone, as he is the consummate professional in his field and is always looking to do what is right for his clients.”
— David English, Chief Financial Officer Ryan, LLC

“ Jess and I met in 2004 at a CEO forum we both had joined, and since that time, he has become a mentor, an accountability partner and most recently, a service provider for our company. Over these years, I have witnessed his wise business and personal insights, genuine caring for people and his Servant Leadership heart. Not only is Jess a professional in his field, but he is also well respected by his peers.”
— Steve Reiter, Managing Director Savings Corporation of America

“Jess provided excellent service to our company, at very competitive costs, over our four year association. He was always conscientious to ensure that we had the proper coverages that were priced right. I am pleased to recommend Jess and his team without reservation, and look forward to working with him again.”
— Frank Tilley, CPA Chief Financial Officer All Saints' Episcopal School of Fort Worth