Agribusiness & Food

Operating in the agribusiness and food industries can present countless problems beyond your control that can affect whether your year is successful or not. In agribusiness, weather related issues, such as high winds and early frosts generally don't pose problems for traditional businesses; but for food growers, it can go far beyond profitability, and sometimes even force a company into bankruptcy. For food processors, contamination and product recall issues, both liabilities which are assumed in supply contracts when signed by processors, can create a whole different set of problems not seen in other industries. Securing insurance is not always the preferred method in which to deal with every exposure, but you at least owe it to yourself to know what is and what is not covered under your insurance contracts.

Due to the unique exposure characteristics in these industries, crafting a comprehensive risk program can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned insurance professional. Since securing the correct protection is more than just taking a policy off the shelf, your risk partner needs to understand your industry's inherent hazards along with the regulatory and HAACP compliance requirements.

The following list is representative of just a few of the operations that fall within these industry segments:

  • Agricultural co-ops
  • Beverage bottling
  • Citrus growers
  • Commercial growers and packers of agricultural products
  • Cotton growers
  • Dairy products manufacturers
  • Egg producers
  • Feed mills
  • Fertilizer dealers
  • Food processors and distributors
  • Food related service companies
  • Grain elevators
  • Grain and field crop growers
  • Livestock auction barns
  • Meat packers
  • Nut distribution
  • Produce growers & distributors
  • Seed dealers/distributor's
  • Vineyards, wineries or breweries
  • Wholesale nurseries